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educator. writer. scholar.

What people are saying...

Kaley Ciluffo, Educational Researcher
University of Pennsylvania


Barrett is an encourager, bridge-builder, and a consistent source of support for me. She's warm, mad funny, and invokes thoughtful dialogue across generations. Anyone would be lucky to share in her energy and spirit. You'll leave every interaction with her overflowing with hope, peace, and abundance that she so beautifully exudes every day in her work and life.

Octavia Clarkson, Africologist
Temple University

Barrett excels in being able to lead sessions around culturally competent and responsive teaching methods. It is evident that her life experiences and passions combined are gifts to this world!

Zach Blattner, Senior Director of Teacher Professional Education
Relay Graduate School of Education

[Barrett] navigated the challenging conversations and resulting discussions with a poise that helped push us, as a group, forward while withholding judgment for those still new in the journey... Barrett is fiercely committed to educational equity and is always engaged in discussions, readings, and advocacy to ensure more just outcomes in our system, especially for people of color.

I have worked with...

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